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July 16th, 2021

Genuine chill-hop tracks with an authentic French flavour

Emlo · Simplicity
Emlo · Walk
Emlo · Focus

Introducing Emlo, my latest music project, and my 2020’s lockdown induced attempt at learning music production, while experimenting with sound, genre and voice delivery.

Here are the first three tunes: Simplicity, Walk, and Focus. Continue reading for a take away on what I learned in the process.

September 15th, 2019

Aim for Something


Coming back here feels like a trip to the past. It has been that long. But I want to post at least once this year so here it is!

While real priorities required me to focus elsewhere – daddyyy! – I haven’t lost my hunger for making stuff, in less time. And so here is the latest thing I made, continuing my tradition of a song + an illustration. I’ll focus on the song.

November 27th, 2018

In a Nutshell


Here’s unpublished song I’ve recorded at the beginning of the year as I was trying to work out some low lights.

I was thinking to make a more polished recording before publishing but that was never going to happen. So here it is, as raw as it happened. Cover just done now in 5 minutes, for a change.

May 9th, 2012

Videotron #14

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Like a drop of water in May, a brand new iteration of Videotron, that I strangely named “Charactron”, has been released. Featuring my pyjama.