July 6th, 2017

Birthday present #37: Sweetie Cuddle Mare

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Crafted by hands, expressed with voices, magnified by Richard Sauberlich.

Once there was a boy who live by the sea
He was amazed how blue it could be
He saw clouds above him and floating not far
Song hang around him as he played guitar



Sometimes my dreams blurs out
Open my mind out of
Bed, hair wired in to
All things you said

As cute as can be
My little mare
Along side of me
You’re always there


Far away up north, in a great mountain
Was sleeping a girl with an open curtain
Fresh morning springs, promising trail
Birds hinting a tune as she sweetly exhaled


And they travelled by wind, fired by dreams
Dreams of tomorrow and what it may seems
Sharing a path not refrained by the past
Soulful connection will naturally last

/c x 2

Lyrics: Julien & Sasha Decaudin
Lead vocals & guitars: Julien Decaudin
Backing vocals: Sasha Decaudin
Arrangement & production: Richard Sauberlich

Recorded in April 2017 at N8 Audio, London