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October 6th, 2022

Hair illustrations that took sometime to look somewhere

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Madame Hibou
Floating Point
Hair Waves

I like drawing hair.

I really do like drawing hair.

It’s random, it’s focus, and it’s satisfying to a point that it wouldn’t be good to not draw a lot of them every, single, time.

The hair ou “les cheveux”?

I don’t know where it starts.

I don’t know where it ends.

Hair can be anything you want it to be.

So be it.

Be hair.

November 4th, 2010

New challenge

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Following my recent liberation I confirm that I’m stuffed of drawing digitally and I will now only use paper for this purpose (because paper, I love you). However, I deeply enjoyed killing hours of commuting scratching my little screen and transforming a boring routine into an exciting one.

A selection of my Colors’ sketches are now archived where they belong to and following my first recycling I quickly sketched up a new one based on a challenging daily challenge: keeping things going.