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October 6th, 2022

Home made tune for my sweet little love

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Keeping up with my 2018’s born tradition, I followed up the birth of my second little girl by writing a song, recording a tune and drawing my baby in her mummy’s arms.

Pretty keen on my new creative project, I started writing the first lines two weeks in and quickly realised I needed to pause, and let moments and leaps happen to go beyond writing an entire song about a newborn.

The first draft acoustic recording a little less than a month in:

Followed up by the final production released exactly 5 months in:

February 10th, 2022

Releasing a first EP after two years experimenting

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This first EP is the result of a couple of years experimenting with sounds, vocals, styles, while growing my skills as an enthusiastic music producer. 

After flirting with music production for years without really committing I decided to push that interest so I could understand the essentials of producing and mixing. In March 2020 I started writing a new song – Simplicity – as a way to learn the foundation of music production while getting familiar with Logic Pro. I named that new musical experiment Emlo, a blend of Emile, my middle name, and Emilio a variation I like for some unresolved reasons.

Those songs talk about growing up through adulthood, from the thrill of making things, the challenges of handling anxiety, to the importance of focusing on what really matters and letting go of what holds you back. 

I like and listen to many genres so I couldn’t really categorise what I’ve made there, other than something pretty personal, and hopefully relatable to some. My creative process naturally developed into mixing up organic sounds like guitar, piano, with hip-hop inspired digital beats, then building up a tight but relaxed vocal delivery on top. A tricky balance I’m definitely still working on.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ll enjoy listening.