February 24th, 2018


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From a project to another my goal was to find the right alchemy between a dog and a duck and some random guy stuck in the middle of a page, as it happens. This is a dive into the process of a process-less process.



Here it is, I just drew a parallel that clicks: different backgrounds, same connection, and a cute little one showing up.


Where is this going to happen? I searched around my living room a couldn’t find much more than an empty fireplace and piles of stale books. So I took a few different perspectives, similar to my trip to Greece a few years ago, listening to a muted shout of walking my own path, opening up to spontaneity, without expectations, only appreciation of the present moment.


Confirming this vibrant move by drawing irregular lines so it will never be forgotten again.


A lot of contrast was needed to bring this vision to life, so I got generous on the ink, more than usual. Light started making sense so shadows showed up too.


I was close to sticking to black and white but after a quick try with colours I had to embrace a familiar palette. A palette that led me to deep wander a few months ago, and helped me to find my way again through the spectrum. Three hues, a balanced saturation, I think it works.


And when everything has been carefully prepared, all the lines hand-crafted, each pixel considered, it’s time to go messy again with generous brushes of shades, spontaneous spits of light, to smudge it all into perspectives.