October 9th, 2016


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My latest contribution to illustration was a gift request to turn friendship memories into the first letter of the main subject’s first name. Her first name is Rhiannon, so R it is.

Disclaimer, the concept is completely inspired from an Etsy shop my client (aka wife) liked and thought it would be even better if her favourite illustrator (aka husband) was to put his twist on it.

To start of, I got provided with this very eclectic inspiration board, with themes revolving about hiking, beer, Wales, curry ‘half and half’, knitting, eBay, microscope, snowboarding, and drinking tea, among many others:


After quite a few explorations facilitated by a relaxing summer holiday (= time for illustration), I stayed true to my love for spontaneous characters and ended up with this team of 29 Rhiannontrons:


Who couldn’t resist becoming alive…


…and print into their final form: