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June 24th, 2009

Videotron #1

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During last week’ Bobby McFerrin gig – amazing by the way – I got an idea, and a name for this idea: Videotron. I can’t really sort out why I choose this name but I liked it.

The idea of recording some kind of improvised performances – whatever it is: music, drawing, dance, singing, speaking, … – was there for a long time. So watching Bobby being so natural, free, happy (and he didn’t worry) in front of hundreds of people certainly make the connection in my mind to do something with these “happenings” that I generally share only with people in the same room as me.

For this first attempt I started with not much in mind, just my guitar in hands, until I saw Paul Arden’s best seller “Whatever you think, think the opposite“. So I really started from there and you might find that bad or not bad. Anyway, it just happened!