January 24th, 2009

City Lit’s Children’s books illustration course #1

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2009 is starting “sur les chapeaux de roues” (warning, this is a French expression, litterally: on the tyres’ hats) professionnaly-wise as I’ve just spend 3 weeks 90% focused on deadlines and… deadlines! But fortunately my recently reanimated hobbies help me to refresh my brains when it gets too hot.

Since a couple of weeks I’ve started my first ever illustration course at City Lit in London. Each Friday, during 3 hours, the illustrator, Dee Shulman, is bringing a small group of people to understand and practice everything about children’s books illustration. After two sessions – and one missed, thanks to deadlines :) – I have to say: I love it!

As my new beginning in illustration is one of the reasons why I started this blog, it wouldn’t be fair not to post the work I’m doing during this course. So here is what I’ve done tonight during my second lesson:

The first half was about choosing one of the childrens pictures available on the table and getting inspired in order to sketch something related. I’ve been quite attracted by the expression on the face of a “no-happy little girl” and so I’ve ended up with this:



Second half was dedicated to how to express different moods. We got time to work on “happy”, “sad” and “surprised” and few others moods have been ordered as homework (yes, homework’s back!):



And in details:







Surprised (but looks frightened)



I’ll try to post about this course after each session until the end in March, so, even if I don’t get much time to post anything else, I’ll have a good excuse to do it once a week!

Oh, yes, paper is back…