November 24th, 2008

French “Jazz Manouche” in London got the D-bass

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Following my introductory post to Little Big Bouche here is the updated artwork made as we recently found a double-bassist to join the band.

I get back to this illustration in order to add Benoit, our new member, but actually I didn’t resist to update the rest of the characters as I wasn’t happy with several details on the previous version.

Something I like when drawing with Colors is that, because of the low resolution, I have to find a way to represent details with a very small amount of pixels. The characters faces have been particularly tricky to make them look-a-like with their models! It was pretty bad in the first version, and even if this is still not perfect it’s much representative of the reality (Aurore is so glad as she don’t have a Céline Dion’s position anymore!).

The logo is now much more personal as I get rid of the previous horrible font. My partner and LBB singer, Aurore, use her secret talents to sketch a logo matching with the artwork style and in my opinion this is brilliant! I’ve tried one before but it looked like a 80’s french rock band logo so we didn’t keep it…

All the infos and fresh update about Little Big Bouche are available from our Facebook group or our ShowCaseYourMusic page.