November 3rd, 2008

Gypsy jazz in London

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Here is an illustration done for the release of Little Big Bouche‘s first demo, the French Gypsy jazz trio I have been playing with for a few months now. As the artwork shows above, Aurore does the vocals, Yann is the guitar soloist and I do the comping. We play in the Django Reinhardt style, but, thanks to Aurore, we have vocals for both lyrics and improvisation on top.

Our demo can be listened to on our “Showcase Your Music” page, but for regular update you can join our Facebook group. So far we’ve done a couple of gigs in London. The last one was a month ago at the UCL Union Jazz Society. We’re planning to do another gig at least before the end of the year, and hopefully, our demo will help us find it! We’re also looking for a double bassist inspired by Gypsy jazz. So if you are happy and available to join us (it seems double bassists are a rare find) feel free to get in touch!

Last, a quick note on the illustration that has been done with Colors! on a Nintendo DS and processed on Photoshop for the final colours and the logo.