November 8th, 2008

Television, sofa and vegetables

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Here’s an illustration of how television can become a daily collective drug. Me and my partner used to fall on it before we realised how much time we spent watching crap programs one after another on a daily basis.

After reading this article, we’re tried to detox from television and spend more time doing useful stuff or just communicate together. Well, it’s much better and I’ve never been so active. So we now try to only use it when we need it (and sometimes you REALLY need it!). We recently lost the remote control – apparently after I half-waked up on the sofa and went to bed with the remote; can’t remember of course – so we have a good excuse to do something else (as sketching for example :)).

Again I’ve done this illustration using Colors! on my Nintendo DS. This thing really works as a digital sketchpad for me and, actually, I started sketching this one on the tube right after the idea poped out. I’m sure I would forget it otherwise.