September 5th, 2015


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I’ve started this blog 7 years ago because I needed a way to share and develop my creative work and personal thought. It actually helped me define the next version of myself.

This is a writing I voluntarily delayed for a while, using the excuse of putting together my new website (done!), or that I didn’t have enough time (I’ve created time!). I’m not exactly sure where this is going, but I know I’m due to do it.

As I mention on my brand new homepage, this blog has been acting as the public breadcrumb of my peregrination, mostly artistically, quite a bit professionally, and, inevitably, personally.

This is how I drew self-portraits of myself in 2008 and in 2015:



Those two characters are from the same root but actually so different it makes me want to believe in the theory that human body cells entirely renew themselves every seven years. But, outing this theory, the fact that a lot has happened since 2008 – a time when even Justin Bieber hadn’t made his debut yet – would easily explain my own personal, professional and, inevitably, artistic transformation.

The point is, I never really done this for anything else than proving myself that I could develop my passion for illustration into something meaningful, adjust my professional career trajectory to something I connect with, and ultimately find my own personal balance. Since my blogging debut, all of this points have largely improved, none of them can’t still be improved, and my best bet is to persist keeping this open space alive, with whatever define who I am today.