August 1st, 2012

Recycled monster mate

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I could easily pretend this is a black bird dressed as a sugary yeti but no, I’m talking of a tea mat that finally found its true nature after a water flood tore its paper layer off.

As a result I had no choice but to take part in the Inkygoodness Beermat Character Competition.

The story

On a sunny Wednesday, I let an innocent tea/coffee/hot drink mat floating in the submerged kitchen sink. Few hours later I realize my mistake and try to ignore its falling skin by carefully drying it. But I already know that something irreversible started.

Later on the day (a very exciting day), Bamboula, my partner in crime, and owner of the late tea mat, spots what happened and without hesitation finishes it by tearing its skin apart.

I’m shocked. But it opens my eyes.

I am now facing a potential blank beermat. Partially blank I should say, revealing what I think is a fluffy creature nature.



Thursday. I’m connecting with the beermat more than I’ve ever done.

Lunch time. I decide to go out for a coffee with the irrevocable need to sketch what I think the beermat want to say to me.

I’m now sure of what it means. I swallow my latte in one sip, run back home, and spend the next two hours discovering the truth: this tea mat, turned into beermat is more than a mate, it’s a fluffy recycled monster mate.

The following day he tells me that he wants to go to Birmingham to reunite with its real family at the Inkygoodness HQ. I let it go.