January 31st, 2010

Fancy + IF: Focused

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The last few weeks have been very exciting for my little illustration world. I pushed myself a bit more than usual in order to trigger my main 2010’s resolution: showing off my work further than my bedroom, family & friends.

It has been a great mix of meeting real people (creation-related Meetup; professional illustrator Mr Bingo) and receiving feedback on my illustrations on the French art forum Café Salé (thanks to Antoine for the link :) ). All of this has been very inspiring and helped me to build up confidence in what I do. The critics I received from the Café Salé community have been great to take a proper step back on my work. Here is what I’ve considered for this new illustration:

  • be careful with colour choice and saturation
  • working on a meaning before the drawing’s done
  • pushing myself more than usual to avoid the syndrome of a “polished half-way done illustration”

The second point is still my main worry as I really use to start drawing from scratch (no idea, no brief) and, to be honest, this is what I’ve done for this one but I finally added something meaningful – the lamps – before I finish the drawing. Half a victory then!

Also, it might be cheating but I just spotted that this week Illustration Friday topic – Focused – kind of matches what I’ve ended up with. So I’m also sharing with you IF people ;)