January 31st, 2011

Cathat (or chapeau-chat)

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She likes hats, she doesn’t have any but she’s got a cat.

I could eventually turn this into a “song” but I’m playing safe with a little sketch for now.

Also, I got bored.

Bored of my “style”, my “technique” and since the beginning of this year my internals have been refusing to do the same as 2010 illustration-wise (and everything-wise actually).

I don’t have any reasons to complain about last year as it’s been just amazing to finally find a personal sketching style that could be developed. But, I think I’ve been slightly fooled (over-excited?) to think that this style and this technique were mature enough to be “locked” for my next pieces. And I must admit that I somehow struggled to have fun while sketching the last one.

Old. Style.

New. Year.

Re. Set.

Not completely but I need to have fun again. Spend more time on paper, less on computer. Using a black ball-point pen – challenging but really interesting (and fun). Scanning in black & white 600 dpi to finally have “pure black” and “pure white” is a relief from the grey look and feel of the previous babies (but I still like you guys!!). And a sharp shade instead of 20538 shades is infinitely more fun to spread while painting with pixels.

Voila, I wanted to make things clear so my hair grow in the right direction. I’m starving for more.

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